Learn About iRacing

Do you like playing a racing game? If you do, it would be a good idea for you to play online iRacing. The web-based car racing site allows you to race against other gamers. You can enjoy the same quality racing with people who are far away from you.

When you sign up on the site, you will see the track. You can either select your favorite racing venue and sign up, or choose one randomly. If you don’t like it, you can also use the Track Select option. When the track selection opens, you will see a list of available tracks. Just click on the track that you want to play on and you will be able to race on that track.

Selecting a track is as easy as clicking on it. It’s that simple. There is a separate area where you can select the tires that you will be racing on. You also have the option of selecting a weather condition like rain, thunderstorms, or even snow. There are three different types of cars for you to choose from.

The cars are classified into two groups. Group A cars are more powerful than Group B cars. Group A cars use more powerful engines, while Group B cars use less powerful engines. You can select the type of engine that you want your car to use by simply clicking on it.

Two types of steering wheel options are available to you. The two types of steering wheel are the analog or digital type. When you are just starting out, it’s recommended that you choose the analog steering wheel.

Before you enter a race, you will have the opportunity to try the track out by taking a free test drive. You can try out various corners to see if it works well for you. The track gives you an opportunity to see if the weather conditions or the track suits your type of car.

After you finish a race and see that it’s not going your way, you can quickly change your car choices by clicking on the options in the car list. You can also change your car settings in order to improve your performance. There are four different categories for your car settings. These include high speed, street, racing, and racing circuit.


Racing games on iRacing will help you get familiar with the basics of the sport. Take advantage of the free practice sessions to see how it all works.