Dirt Rally 2 Review

Dirt Rally 2 has now been made available in the Xbox Store. The original Dirt Rally was a good game, but the additions made by the developer to make it better made it even better. Dirt Rally 2 is the improved version of the original game, and it’s one of the best racing games out there.

It’s worth noting that the original Dirt Rally was not the best racing game out there at the time. Some people claim that the graphics in the game weren’t very impressive, and that the game wasn’t very fun to play. However, Dirt Rally was hugely popular at the time, and the game has been ported to other platforms such as the PC. Dirt Rally is now a truly great racing game.

The map in Dirt Rally 2 is based on the actual European map, which is based on the UK and Ireland. The UK map was used because the developer wanted to give some of the major towns and cities a little more of a focus. As a result, you will find the circuit maps are based on real-life locations like Paris, and Berlin.

The graphics in Dirt Rally have been revamped for the new version of the game. The tracks and tracksets now look much nicer, and they are far more detailed than before. They also feel much smoother, making the game even more enjoyable to play.

As a racing game, Dirt Rally is fun and entertaining. There are four courses to complete, and each course takes about an hour to complete. This means that the game is incredibly long, but that’s part of the fun. And you can even take on the challenges yourself if you’re so inclined.


For online racing, Dirt Rally provides you with leaderboards. Each track has four challenges, and each challenge is tied to a certain time. You have to finish the course within the set time to get a good time, which gives you a shot at being the fastest racer on the track. Leaderboards are very helpful, and they also provide a good challenge.

The graphics in Dirt Rally are all high definition, and this is reflected in the actual racing. The cars are stunningly detailed, and they really make the game come alive. While they don’t have the detail of more modern racing games, they are still quite good. The sound in the game is also top notch, and it gives the racing a much more realistic feel. All the sounds work very well together to give the game an excellent feel.

Overall, Dirt Rally is a great racing game. This is the second installment, and it is quite a bit better than the first one. It’s one of the most popular racing games on the market, and it’s one of the best racing games out there. For a great racing game, look no further than Dirt Rally.